Erika Bessette SE

Academy Di Cappelli 

Love the skin you're in!

Erika received her Associates Degree in Science in 2009, after graduating she continued her education in the field of nursing. While in school, Erika decided to pursue another dream of hers, modeling. In 2012 Erika was signed to a New York agency and began working as a model. In 2014, she obtained her nursing license and began working as a rehab nurse. Through both her experiences in the modeling industry and nursing career, Erika developed a love for skin care. In 2016, she began attending class at Academy Di Capelli to obtain her certificate in Esthetics. Through her passions, love, and dedication to skin care, she began timeless. by Erika Bessette, a company that offers a variety of skin care treatments focusing on individual client needs , and makeup application for any occasion.